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Laminate Floor for Sale


Are you looking for a one-stop-shop for hard surface flooring? Whether you need decorative tile and stone, hardwood flooring, or laminate options, you will love our super selection.

At PDC Flooring & Design all of the products we carry are of the best in quality from top brands. We definitely have something for everyone so stop in to view our flooring selections today.

Wooden Floor

Hardwood Flooring

Do you love the look of hardwood flooring? We do, as well! At PDC Flooring & Design we know that there is a hardwood floor to fit any style and budget. Whether you are into a classic timeless look or something more edgy and modern, we will have a stunning selection of hardwood flooring options.

Let us know the look you are going for and browse our fantastic selection of cuts, colors, and styles.

Interior Design
Hardwood Floor Sales and Installation in Prairie du Chien

Tile & Stone 

Add some creativity and uniqueness to your home with PDC Flooring & Designs tile and stone options. With many different patterns, styles, and designs, tile and stone flooring are great for kitchen, bathroom, entryways, and other rooms in your home or office.

Do you have questions about how to achieve the look you are going for? Our professionals have years of industry experience and will help you make the right selection to enhance the look of your living space.

Tile Floors & Surfaces for Sale in Prairie du Chien


When considering all flooring options, laminate flooring is a great option for your home. Since emerging decades ago many residential homeowners have found it to be durable and easy-to-install flooring.

PDC Flooring & Design offers attractive laminate flooring options for your living room, kitchen, dining area, and any other room in your home or office. Let us help you find the design that works best with your living space.

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